Be aware.. Moment by moment..

Slow down.

Show no fear, to feel. To write.. to pour yourself into a page. Pour it all.

Allow your inner world to weave itself into a canvas of words..

Feel. Heal.

Don’t run. Don’t hide..

Stay awake. Awaken.


The further back I step from the personality the roles she plays become more clear.

The discomfort arises when the seeing identifies, self critisim and a need to “fix”things seems to take over. As if the expression came out wrong in some way.

I hesitate to write this, as I hesitate to live fully. The observer in its diligent becomes a tyrant of the mind. Censoring all expression. Loneliness shows up. Who is the one who is lonely. It’s the same one that stops expression. Sometimes shows itself as fear.




I see you, you’re tense. Right leg tight, tummy in a knot. You don’t make eye contact, your words sharp, heavy.

Take a deep breathe, relax your shoulders, look him in the eye.

I can’t, I won’t. He doesn’t see me. I speak, but my words don’t matter, my body sits here, neglected. Yearning for his touch..

I see you.. you’re loved..